Specializing in Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Services in Sacramento CA

We offer several comprehensive programs to support you in a lifestyle change that will emphasize health and wellbeing. We understand that each person is unique, so we are able to customize your program to best match you. In general, here is what you can expect from our programs:

We offer several classes to complement our other educational offerings:

  • Physical Fitness – What type and how often will be customized for you.
  • Nutrition – We consider your current situation and customize a program that takes all factors into consideration for optimal health.
  • Mindfulness – This component supports lifelong changes and teaches success visualization. If you can visualize it, you can achieve it – this is foundational to adopting a lifelong change.
  • Shopping – Ever wonder what to buy when you were at the grocery store? This class answers those questions with a field trip to the grocery store to walk you through what to look for so you can feel good about future choices.
  • Juicing and Smoothies – A class to support your body with nutrition dense food. You will love the different flavors you can create!

We offer supplements that support your health; supplement suggestions are customized for your body and test results. These supplements are medical grade and extensively researched.

Recipes are provided that will allow you to try new foods if you like, or just adapt some old favorites. We support you in healthy eating.

We offer coaching and individual support throughout our program, you are not alone. We want to be your partner in a healthy life.

Detoxification – A cornerstone for giving your body relief from built-up toxins and resetting your metabolism. Did you know you can ‘reset’ your taste buds to like food that is good for you? You can, and we can help!

This is a comprehensive life transformation program. Knowledge is power and we want to empower you with everything you need to lead a healthy life. Come be part of our healthy revolution.

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