Have you ever had moments like this?

• I am exhausted even after a full night’s sleep
• Sometimes it’s hard to even get out of bed
• My energy drops in the afternoon
• I have trouble concentrating during the day
• The thought of performing even simple tasks makes me tired

If you feel like this, you are NOT alone.

We understand how hard it can be to live with constant fatigue. Dragging yourself out of bed; feeling exhausted after doing things that used to be effortless; living on caffeine and trying every product on the market to boost your energy, only to crash harder each time…

Stop guessing! Treating fatigue requires a multi-functional approach to determine its cause and find targeted therapies that will solve it for good.

Health Renewal Centers

We offer more than just a quick fix. We offer sustainable health.

That’s our promise!

No Guesswork. No Gimmicks! Just Results That Speak LOUDER Than Words!

Figuring out the real cause of your fatigue is the biggest obstacles to gaining more energy, vitality, and focus.

• How many “energy” products have you tried?
• How many times have you tried a program and found it too hard to sustain?
• How many times have you not had enough energy to make it through the day?

You’ve probably lost count, and you’re not alone.

You’ve Knocked on the RIGHT DOOR!

Our fatigue recovery protocols are designed with a single goal in mind:
To help individuals like yourself regain their health, drive, energy and vitality.

We have helped countless people take control of their health, fitness, and sense of well-being. We want YOU to be one of them!

Here’s Why You Can Trust Us

Every body is different and fatigue can be caused by a network of undiagnosed health problems. Our protocols are tailored to your unique needs and goals. They are specifically designed to support you in living a life of good health and sustained wellness.

We use functional laboratory testing to assess your body’s individual chemistry and focus on your overall health and wellness. We help you reach your health goals and maintain them for good.

At Health Renewal Centers, our physicians closely monitor your progress and guide you through our fatigue-fighting programs that will help you:

• Feel more energetic, capable, and confident
• Find the energy to get more done every day
• Improve the quality of your sleep so you will be waking up feeling refreshed every morning
• Find types of exercise that work for you and your lifestyle
• Address the infections and toxins that are draining your energy
• Change harmful food choices & lifestyle habits
• Increase your sense of well-being and confidence
• Reduce stress-related fatigue with simple mind/body practices

The Truth About Fatigue

Getting to the real cause of the problem is the only way to fix it for good. We treat you as an individual because the cause of your fatigue is a unique combination of underlying issues.

Fatigue can be caused by a combination of:

Nutrient Deficiencies – Your body can’t make energy if it doesn’t have the basic ingredients – nutrients! Any form of nutrient deficiency will leave your body unable to create the cellular energy it needs to thrive.

Nutrient deficiencies aren’t just caused by eating a bad diet. The body eliminates nutrients when it’s under stress, and requires a greater intake of key vitamins and minerals if you are sick, taking medication, under emotional stress, pregnant or breastfeeding, going through a growth spurt, experiencing a chronic illness, or increasing your physical activity.

At Health Renewal Centers, we use functional laboratory testing to identify the nutrient deficiencies that are contributing to your fatigue and guide you how to safely and effectively boost their levels to give you more energy NOW.

Sleep Disturbance: The body regenerates most of its energy while we sleep. Any disruption to continuous, good quality sleep can leave you feeling severely fatigued. Common sleep disturbances include difficulty falling asleep, frequent waking during the night, or waking up too early in the morning – but there are other distances you may not even know you are suffering from. Sleep apnoea, snoring, nightmares, and sleep-walking can negatively affect your body’s energy production, and leave you feeling tired, groggy, and fatigued. Our team can help you to identify and address many common sleep disturbances.

Food Sensitivities & Allergies – Food allergies and sensitivities put a strain on the immune system and constantly drain the body’s energy. Even a diet that looks quite “healthy” might actually be the underlying cause of fatigue! At Health Renewal Centers, we scrupulously analyse your the food that you are eating in order to identify any food sensitivities or allergies that may be contributing to your fatigue. Then we teach you how to eat healthy and delicious meals that are free from the foods that are causing you harm.

Infections – Latent or “silent” infections like the Epstein-Barr virus, Lyme disease, intestinal parasites, or candida can cause subtle symptoms like fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic sleepiness, and muscle weakness. Many of these infections are notoriously difficult to diagnose.

Toxins – Environmental toxins like mold, phthalates, and heavy metals can accumulate in the body and cause a range of symptoms including fatigue. Click here to find out more about the effects of toxins on your health. Our physicians are detoxification specialists who can lead you through a safe and effective detoxification process. [link to detox page]

Hormone Imbalances – Fatigue is often the first sign that something is wrong with the balance of one or more of the hormones in your body. Our physicians can help identify the hormone imbalances you are suffering from and address the underlying cause.

Adrenal Fatigue (HPA imbalance): The adrenal glands produce stress coping hormones that are intimately linked to your body’s metabolism and rate of energy production. Your adrenal glands help you respond to the stresses of modern life. Long-term stress can result in adrenal exhaustion and the inability to cope with stress. If your adrenal function is inadequate, it’s easy to feel fatigued all the time, exhausted at the end of the day, and/or overwhelmed by the challenges of life.

Insulin Resistance: The body uses sugar to create energy. Insulin is required to transport sugar from the blood and into cells to fuel this energy production. In cases of insulin resistance, cell membranes resist insulin and stop sugar from entering the cell – which means there’s no fuel to create energy, resulting in fatigue. Insulin resistance also causes a cascade of inflammation and hormone dysregulation all through the body, further contributing to fatigue and systemic illness. At HRC, we use sophisticated lab testing to identify insulin resistance and then we treat it at its cause.

Low Testosterone: Healthy testosterone levels contribute to the production of physical strength and robust energy. When your testosterone levels decreases, so does your muscle mass, strength, endurance, and the metabolism of food into fuel (aka energy). Instead of being metabolized into muscle mass and energy, fuel is metabolized into fat. Healthy testosterone levels modulate inflammation and create, drive, focus, and sexual response. Both men and women are impacted by low testosterone and may have fatigue and diminished drive & motivation as a result. Simply measuring your serum testosterone is often not sufficient to identify low testosterone conditions because testosterone may be present, but unavailable for use by your body. .

Low Thyroid Function: The thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones, which set the metabolic rate of every cell in the human body. A sluggish thyroid can cause constant fatigue, energy drops during the day and/or exhaustion at the end of the day. Our functional tests will help identify specific thyroid hormone imbalances and we’ll work with you to rebalance all of your hormones naturally.

Physical Activity – Are you exercising too much? Or not enough? Both can cause fatigue and muscle weakness. Our professional team will work with you to incorporate the right amount of physical activity into your lifestyle that will be sustainable – and even fun!
Medications – Did you know that fatigue is one of the most common side effects of many common medications? Our physicians will review your medications and provide safe natural protocols to address underlying health issues and help eliminate your need for most medication.

Undiagnosed conditions including:
• Digestive Disorders
• Autoimmune Diseases
• Anemia
• Depression
• Unresolved Trauma
• Genetic Predispositions

Can I get back my energy?

Yes absolutely!

By addressing the underlying causes of fatigue, it’s possible to regain your vitality and maintain it – for good. At Health Renewal Centres, we keep it simple and we make it personal.

More importantly, we make sure you work smarter, not harder!

CONTACT US TODAY to learn how we can help you achieve your health goals and regain your energy and wellbeing. No guesswork, no gimmicks! You’ll know EXACTLY what to do to improve your health and feel great.

HRC provides you with the five pillars for lasting energy production:

Nutrition: You learn how to choose and prepare the best foods for your body. We create customized eating plans that work with your particular health profile and lifestyle, with wholesome, tasty food and easy recipes that anybody can make.

Detoxification: We guide you in removing the foods, medications, environmental toxins and digestive issues that are inhibiting your vitality and making you feel sick and tired.

Hormone Balancing: Our sophisticated laboratory tests help identity the stubborn hormone imbalances that are sapping your energy. We use safe and natural approaches to rebalance your hormones and restore you health and energy.

Fitness: We work with you to create fitness and activity plans that suit your lifestyle and physicality so that exercise can become something that you look forward to and can easily sustain.

Emotional Support: For many people, the hardest part about isn’t knowing what to eat and not to eat or what nutritional supplements to take – it’s the emotional challenges, that come with the journey of changing health habits, that are the hardest to overcome. HRC provides the close personal support you need to work through difficult moments, rebalance your mind and body, and boost your motivation to continue moving forward and achieving your health goals.

Our treatment plans are Simple, Specific, and Effective

At Health Renewal Centers, we help you to overcome fatigue through a holistic approach:

1. We identify the true issues that are causing your fatigue, and then treat the problems at their core.

2. We use safe, natural and effective treatment protocols, along with wholesome nutrition plans to increase your body’s energy production processes to safely and effectively overcome your fatigue.

Health Renewal Centers Fatigue Programs:
• Are designed and closely supervised by our team of skilled physicians who are well-versed in nutritional sciences and effective health protocols.
• Are customized to suit your unique needs based on your laboratory test results and your health goals.
• Provide you with personalized guidance to prepare healthy & delicious meals that boost and support your body’s energy production, immune system health, and hormone balance.
• Include activity and fitness programs that make exercise an enjoyable part of your life.
• Provide emotional support and progress tracking to keep you motivated and inspired.

At Health Renewal Centers, we DON’T believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

We take into account your entire health history and work with you to create a specific and effective health plan that will give you results that will change your life.

The first step is always the hardest. If you find yourself standing on the verge of change, we urge you to take a step further and ACT NOW.

Schedule a NO OBLIGATION APPOINTMENT to learn how we can help you feel GREAT and overcome fatigue.

Here’s to a happier, healthier, more energetic YOU!

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