Weight Loss

Does This Sound Familiar?

• I’ve already tried everything and I just can’t lose weight.
• I eat when I’m depressed or stressed, and then I feel bad about what I ate. How can I break this self- defeating cycle?
• I want to find a lifestyle that helps me to manage my weight and is easy to maintain.
• My doctor has told me that I need to lose weight but I don’t know where to start.

We know the struggle; bouncing from one weight loss plan to another in the hopes of achieving a flat belly, the constant frustration and the eventual defeat that crushes your will to push on.

Forget the fads! Effective weight management is about much more than just calories.

Health Renewal Centers

We offer more than just a number on the scale. We offer sustainable health.

That’s our promise!

Whether you’re looking to avoid those dreaded afternoon crashes, improve your health, or want to look great in those jeans you just bought; we want to help you achieve your health & fitness goals.

The consequences of excess weight, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, and joint pain, can lead to ongoing frustration, poor self-image, and depression.

No Guesswork. No Gimmicks! Just Results That Speak LOUDER Than Words!

Figuring out the best way for long-term weight loss is one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss success.

• How many diet plans have you tried
• How many “healthy” products have you tested?
• How many times have you lost weight, but gained it back?

You’ve probably lost count, and you’re not alone.

You’ve Knocked on the RIGHT DOOR!

Our weight loss protocols are designed with a single goal in mind.

To help individuals like yourself regain their health and lose the weight that they desire.

We have helped countless people take control of their health, fitness, and lives. We want YOU to be one of them!

Here’s Why You Should Trust Us

We’re all different, and a weight loss approach that is tailored to your unique needs and goals is the only way to shed those pounds and keep them off.

HRC goes far beyond the number on the scale.

We dig deep into your body’s chemistry and focus on your overall health and wellness as we help you reach your weight loss goals and maintain it for good.

At Health Renewal Centers, our physicians closely monitor your progress and guide you through weight loss programs that help you:
• Easily lose weight and keep it off by optimizing your metabolism,
• Eliminate harmful food choices & lifestyle habits,
• Improve your body’s detoxification capacity
• Reduce stress-related weight retention with simple mind/body practices.

The Truth About Weight Loss And Weight Management
Diet and lifestyle are an important part of a much bigger picture behind why your body may be holding onto excess weight. Common causes of uncontrollable weight gain include:

• Stress and emotional distress
• Pharmaceutical medications including statins, antidepressants, sleeping pills, etc
• Intestinal microbiome imbalances that lead to food craving and compulsive eating
• Blood sugar issues and insulin resistance
• Toxic burden from exposure to chemicals
• Exercise that doesn’t suit your body or lifestyle
• Undiagnosed chronic medical conditions
• Eating the wrong types of “healthy” foods
• Overburdened detoxification channels
• Hormone imbalances, especially those occurring at midlife

Can I get back into balance?

Yes absolutely!

By addressing the underlying cause of weight gain, it’s possible to lose excess weight and keep it off for good. At Health Renewal Centres, we keep it simple and we make it personal.

More importantly, we make sure you work smarter, not harder!

CONTACT US TODAY to learn how we can help you achieve your weight loss goals and regain your health and life. No guesswork, no gimmicks! You’ll know EXACTLY what to do to lose weight and feel great.

HRC provides you with the three pillars for lasting weight loss:

Nutrition: You learn how to choose and prepare the best foods for your body. We create customized eating plans that work with your particular health profile and lifestyle, with wholesome, tasty food and easy recipes that anybody can make.

Fitness: We work with you to create fitness and activity plans that suit your lifestyle and physicality so that exercise can become something that you look forward to and can easily sustain.

Emotional Support: For many people, the hardest part about weight loss isn’t knowing what to eat and not to eat – it’s the emotional challenges that are the hardest to overcome. HRC provides the close personal support you need to work through difficult moments, rebalance your mind and body, and boost your motivation to continue moving forward and achieving your weight loss goals.

Our weight loss plans are Simple, Specific, and Effective

At Health Renewal Centers, we help you to lose weight through a holistic approach:

1. We identify the true issues that are stopping you from losing weight, and then treat the problems at their core.

2. We use safe, natural and effective treatment protocols, along with wholesome nutrition plans to increase your body’s natural weight loss processes, to safely and effectively shed excess fat, while maintaining lean muscle mass.

Health Renewal Centers Weight Loss Programs:
• Are designed and closely supervised by our team of skilled physicians who are well-versed in nutritional sciences, and effective weight management protocols.
• Are customized to suit your unique needs based on your laboratory test results and your health goals
• Provide you with personalized guidance to prepare healthy & delicious meals that boost and support your body’s in-built weight management processes
• Include activity and fitness programs that make exercise an enjoyable part of your life
• Provide emotional support and progress tracking to keep you motivated and inspired to reach your personal weight loss goals

At Health Renewal Centers, we DON’T believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

We take into account your entire health history and work with you to create a specific and effective weight loss plan that will give you results that will turn heads.

The first step is always the hardest. If you find yourself standing on the verge of change, we urge you to take a step further and ACT NOW.

Schedule a NO OBLIGATION APPOINTMENT to learn how we can help you feel GREAT and achieve your weight loss goals.

Here’s to a Stronger, Fitter, More Vibrant YOU!

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