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– Doug & Terri R.
Ages: 64 & 64

– Edward J.
Age: 67

– Ronna T.
Age: 45

– Jack C.
Age: 66

“Before joining Health Renewal Centers I was unable to sleep, exhausted, overall miserable feeling and wired-tired. I had tried everything; extensive physical examinations, various blood tests, Cat Scan and X-rays at Kaiser. Within two weeks I started to see the benefits! I was able to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake rested. I felt energetic and ready to embrace the world. I had a sense of personal well-being, happiness, better brain function, steady weight loss and oddly enough improved vision. I would recommend Health Renewal Centers to anyone looking to improve their overall health!”
– Deborah P.
Age: 62

“I became a client of Health Renewal Centers because I finally realized I needed the support of a wellness clinic in order to make the lifestyle changes I so deeply wanted. Lack of energy was the primary physical ailment and the side effects of too much weight. I attempted, in the past, with short term success, to make changes by myself and alone. I needed the SUPPORT of a plan of action and the immersion of a program. Since joining Health Renewal Centers I am more alive now and appreciate life more. I am peaceful and happy, calm and less reactive and have little or no digestive pain. My energy level has improved dramatically. Nic and Dr. Wdowin are wonderful mentors and very supportive emotionally when I need it most. I would recommend this program to anyone no matter their current health status as anyone can benefit from the knowledge and lifestyle Health Renewal Centers teaches.”
– Ron C.
Age: 64

“Excellent program I lost a ton of weight, 45lbs when it was all said and done, highly recommend. Your energy level goes through the roof!”
– Michael F.
Age: 31

“I have been searching for years for a doctor that could actually help correct my health issues. I was exhausted and frustrated completely from current day medicinal practices that were just making my ailments disappear from my mind for a little while but doing nothing to solve my issues for good. I am done with “Band-Aid Medicine!” Before joining Health Renewal Centers I tried pain management through prescription drugs and corrective surgeries. I have learned that nutrition is the key to optimum health! Eating the right food is key for healing ailments and I now know how to eat and what NOT to eat to make my pain from arthritis disappear. I have learned so much from Dr. Wdowin and Health Renewal Centers and will take this knowledge with me for the rest of my life to make my life and the lives of my family and friends as healthy as possible.”
– Ronna T.
Age: 45

“I was interested in learning how to improve my health through eating healthier and increasing my understanding of nutrition. I had always been up and down with my weight. Health Renewal Centers helped me understand what to eat and what not to eat and has helped me get my weight under control! As an added bonus, I had an incredible increase in energy and mental clarity and overall “good” feeling of being in my body. I knew I could have more energy, however I did not know that by altering what I chose to eat, would have such a significant impact! The energy level begins as soon as I open my eyes! It has helped me complete more tasks at work and overall has increased my mood. My experience at Health Renewal Centers was AWESOME! They were so supportive throughout my detox! They provided the framework, knowledge and support to help me be successful. Those three things are what I needed to make the most out of the program and to finally lose the weight I had been trying so hard to lose. Their staff is so supportive and are always just a phone call or E-mail away!”
– Vanessa B.
Age: 31

“I decided to become a member of Health Renewal Centers to reduce my dependence on pharmaceutical drugs including blood pressure and cholesterol. I also hoped to lose some weight. Before joining I had tried mild exercise, avoiding fried foods, sugar and managing my portions. Following Health Renewal Centers plan I was able to learn the science of healthy choices, I LOST 20+ lbs., blood pressure dropped from 125/80 to 104/72, skin and hair softer, no indigestion and stopped taking Tylenol 2-3 times/week for minor pain. My experience with Health Renewal Centers was so rewarding! They were professional, friendly and easy to do business with.”
– Mike S.
Age: 69

“I joined Health Renewal Centers not because I had any major health concerns but because I wanted a reliable source to help me on my quest for a healthier lifestyle. I was tired of trying to figure what source on the web was giving me the correct guidance. One source would say something and another would negate it. I never knew what was right, that was until I joined Health Renewal Centers. I saw results fast! I was so happy to lose 15 pounds! My husband also joined and lost 17lbs and looks like he did when we first met (20 years ago)! At Health Renewal Centers you learn how to eat cleaner and live a sustainable lifestyle. I am finally at peace with who I am as a person as a result of prayer and meditation. I’ve been able to step up my exercise routine and sleep MUCH better at night! I have noticed that I am more patient and do not over-react in stressful situations. I am so proud of myself for making these changes and look forward to continued success on my quest for a healthy future.”
– Alice S.
Age: 55

“I came to Health Renewal Centers as a pre-diabetic unable to lose weight and keep it off. These problems made me depressed and stopped me from taking part in life. I had tried just about anything to lose weight: Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, you name it. I would lose it and gain it right back and more. Since joining Health Renewal Centers I am losing weight, my energy is increasing, I feel much happier, I am sleepy well and my memory is improving! Health Renewal Centers taught me how to invest in health. They taught me the importance of taking care of myself. I have learned so much about the food we put into our bodies and our loved ones! My self-esteem has improved and I feel lighter and brighter. Life is good!”
– Sue S.
Age: 70

“I went to Health Renewal Centers looking for help with my hormones. Western medicine wasn’t helping and all they wanted to do was give me pills to mask my symptoms. They didn’t want to go deep into my issues and refused extended testing to get to the root of the problem. I couldn’t lose weight, had excess facial hair, palpitations and random anxiety attacks from stress. I tried just about every diet and fad. You name it, I tried it. I wanted a holistic approach to my medical problems, weight loss problems and to understand what was going on with my body. Western medicine wasn’t giving me any answers. Since joining Health Renewal Centers I lost 13lbs in two weeks, my energy levels have spiked, my hormones are starting to get back on track, my digestion is the easiest it has been in years and they have helped me learn how to deal with daily stressors. If your struggling with your health and western medicine hasn’t helped come to Health Renewal Centers, they CAN help!”
– Bonnie O.
Age: 40

“After consulting with Health Renewal Centers, I decided it would be the best program to help with my Chronic Fatigue, headaches, obesity, depression and anxiety. Conventional/western medicine, pharmaceuticals and previous diets just weren’t helping. I have noticed an increase in energy and stamina and have had a steady and healthy weight loss since starting the Health Renewal lifestyle! I have lost over 40 LBS! I enjoy doing things more each day and I am sleeping better than I have in years. I am able to go back to doing the things I love thanks to Health Renewal Centers. I truly appreciate the kind and caring way the doctors and staff approach all aspects of my healthcare.”
– Christi G.
Age: 49

“I joined Health Renewal Centers looking for help with stress, energy levels and overall health. In the past I had tried Advocare Cleanse system and it worked for a bit but I went right back to my bad habits and it didn’t address all my needs. Within a couple weeks on the Health Renewal Centers Program I noticed an increase in my natural energy levels, I no longer need Advil or Tylenol(I was taking almost daily) and I no longer needed my allergy medication including decongestants. Without a double espresso and a 12oz Red Bull I have been making it through the day with energy to spare! I would recommend this program to anyone looking to make a healthy lifestyle change! It has been a great experience. Health Renewal Centers is helping me make the lifestyle change I wanted to, but didn’t know how.”
– Christopher H.
Age: 34

“I went to Health Renewal Centers because I am anemic and found myself tired all the time. I tried supplementing myself with over the counter supplements but it never showed signs of improvement. One of the benefits for sure has been in my bowel movements. I have never been able to regulate that and to experience easy regular movements has been very impressive. I am a mother of two young boys and to keep up with them I need a lot of energy. I now feel a lot more vibrant as well as emotionally happy. It has helped improve my relationship with them. It’s only been two weeks and I didn’t expect to have experienced so much change for the better already. My improvement with bowel movements and my energy levels has me excited to see the end results!”
– Mai H.
Age: 32

“I can go home and throw out my other health books because everything I need to know is in this binder. It is clearly written and full of great information. In the beginning I thought I already knew most of it, and even if I was 85% there, the binder has the last 15% to take me to the next level. The program is more like a class, and I am very excited to get into it and devote the time to it as an investment in myself. I loved the meditation class and it has become a great addition to my everyday life. The program is a 10″
– Edward H.
Age: 66

“I have always been an advocate of eating right & natural suppliments. Unenlightened guidance can be a very dangerous path. With a false sense of security, I wandered into many pittfalls thinking I was doing what was beneficial for my body & my sense of well-being. Deep levels of complete bloodwork revealed many areas in my chemical analysis that needed adjustments that contine to contribute towards improved over-all health. I am deeply grateful for all the time, effort & compassion of Dr. Appleby & his very knowledgeable staff for assisting me on becoming the healthiest & happiest I’ve ever been. With deep appreciatiom, Jeanie Kayl”
– Jeanie Kayl